Scrubber contract manufacturing and service

Exhaust gas cleaning systems (“scrubbers”), using seawater or freshwater as cleaning media for sulfur dioxide, are progressively used by shipping companies to comply with emissions regulations. Little is known about the chemical composition of the scrubber effluent and its ecological consequences for marine life and biogeochemical processes. If scrubbers become a central tool for atmospheric pollution reduction from shipping, modeling, and experimental studies will be necessary to determine the ecological and biogeochemical effects of scrubber wash water discharge on the marine environment. Furthermore, attention must be paid to the regulation and enforcement of environmental protection standards concerning scrubber use. Close collaboration between natural scientists and social scientists is crucial for progress toward sustainable shipping and protection of the marine environment.

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BY THE MARITIME EXECUTIVE 10-12-2015 10:13:31


ABS, a leading provider of classification and technical services to the global marine and offshore industry, has published the ABS Guide for SOx Scrubber Ready Vessels to support members and clients in preparing newbuilds for future outfitting with a SOx exhaust gas cleaning system (EGCS). 

Supporting the world’s first classification notation for SOx Scrubber Ready Vessels, the ABS Guide formalizes the process for clients who wish to plan for retrofit of a SOx scrubber at a future date by providing a detailed review and approval and an associated notation. 

The SOx Scrubber Ready notation is in addition to ABS EGCS notations that may be assigned for vessels fitted with an exhaust emission abatement system, including SOx scrubbers, selective catalytic reduction systems and exhaust gas recirculation arrangements for NOx emission control, in accordance with the ABS Guide for Exhaust Emission Abatement. 

“The decision to build a new ship or retrofit an existing one is not simple due to uncertainty with the entry into force of the 0.5 percent global sulfur limit and cleaner fuel alternatives such as LNG,” says ABS Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President Howard Fireman. “The new ABS SOx Scrubber Ready notation provides a unique approach to future-proof assets, to implement cost-effective retrofits and to demonstrate a commitment to environmental performance.” 

In addition to the new ABS Guide for SOx Scrubber Ready Vessels and Guide for Exhaust Emission Abatement, ABS has published the ABS Advisory on Exhaust Gas Scrubber Systems. 

The guide is available here.

There is fierce competition in the world for scrubber systems. Manufacturers are looking for subcontractors who can produce scrubber's chimney systems and pipe manufacturing in high quality and serve their products. At this stage, Aces Teknik provides scrubber producers with its high experience in the maritime industry. Our services are pipe systems manufacturing, scrubber body manufacturing, and technical service.

Since scrubbers work with corrosive fluid, problems may arise in body and carrier pipes. Aces technically treat these problems caused by corrosion, chancing pipes while the ship is in motion and reduces costs. We ship the pipes we produce in our factory to all parts of the world and replace these pipe systems with those that have been corroded on the ship. At the same time, we bend and install 2.5 D pipes on the ship.